Wednesday, October 22, 2003

OK, so we have a market that has been conquered by MS (the browswer market), then they lose interest in it, but not after introducing a bunch of windows and IE only extensions. This starts me thinking... Maybe integration and a single source supplier isn't such a great thing. I had had a linux box for a while but it was mostly just a curiousity. So then I decide to migrate all of my non-development activities over to linux to give it a shot.

Don't get me wrong, there are plenty of open sources products available on windows (in fact I'm using the best browser available as I write this - Mozilla Firebird, tonight running on windows), but I decided to give linux a real try. So, if you remember the excitement of personal computers in the mid-80's, that's kind of what using linux is like today. The rate of change is incredible. REAL innovation is going on (not just stuff like Office 2003 where the biggest new feature is being able to control who accesses what document and in what mode, but only if you drop a ton of money for a microsoft only server infrastructure). Linux occassionaly gets knocked for just imitating what already exists on windows - and there is some of that, but mostly, it's just good developers writing original software.

Then you start to get used to things like, no viruses. Oh, sure, it is possible to write a virus for linux but in general, because of the user and permissions model of linux, they could never be as damaging as what you get on windows. Some people claim that you don't see viruses on linux because there just aren't that many machines running linux and virus authors want to do maximum damage. But are arguing emotionaly, not based on reality. These people don't understand that about 60% of the web servers in the world are running apache - an open source web server and the majority of these are running on linux. That's a lot of machines. No real virsuses to speak of. It's funny, you start to get used to not seeing the "requesting virus scan" at the bottom of your app's when you open a file, then when you run windows you kind of feel cheated that you have to sit and wait for that.

So next time I'll start on why linux is better. Talk about what I use and why. What I like and don't like.

Jesus came that we might have life and have it abundantly.



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